About Us

PhonePipe was founded in 2003 and was one of the first companies to offer Hosted VOIP services in the US.

In 2006 an offer from VoicePipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICG Communications, a competitor, was made to purchase PhonePipe. Over the next four years the principles of PhonePipe consulted in the VOIP industry and watched as the technology improved. In the period of 2006 – 2010 many of the technological obstacles that kept companies from adopting VOIP early on have been overcome providing a better quality experience as well as a more cost effective option for medium to large businesses. In addition many of the carrier networks have been upgraded to handle VOIP traffic. All of these factors plus many of the clients we provided consulting for convinced us that it was the right time to re-enter the VOIP business.

After evaluating multiple softswitch solutions, PhonePipe was relaunched in 2010 utilizing the latest softswitch technology. VOIP has grown from a still bleeding edge technology to a full blown replacement option for traditional telephony services. PhonePipe is at the for-front of this technology providing the best services, pricing, and knowledge of VOIP in the industry.


PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!