SIP Trunks – What are SIP Trunks? SIP Trunks are a replacement for traditional trunk lines delivered over a T1 or PRI. SIP Trunks are can be delivered to any SIP compatible IP-PBX over your broadband connection. SIP trunks have many advantages over traditional Lines, T1’s, or PRI’s. First, you can purchase SIP trunks on at a time. Many times companies purchase a T1 (24 Lines) or a PRI (23 Lines) when the do not need nearly that many lines or trunks. With SIP trunks this inefficiency goes away. If you need say 10 simultaneous calls then why purchase 24?
Second, SIP trunks are quickly scaleable. Traditional lines or trunks take on an average of 10 days for lines and 30 days for T1’s. SIP trunks can be scaled from 1 to a 1000 or more nearly instantly.
Third, we can overlay Long Distance service directly to your SIP trunk. Most medium companies have a separate T1 for their local phone service, and a separate one for their long distance, which is both inefficient and costly. A PhonePipe SIP trunk combines this into one concurrent call over one or more trunks.
Fourth, SIP trunks can provide disaster recover features that traditional services cannot. We can easily reroute traffic to another location or to a cell phone if say your building lost power or your Internet line was cut, with traditional services you would have to wait until a repair could be made.
Fifth we can provide On-Demand trunks meaning if you have a sudden need for extra lines our softswitch architecture will automatically give you that capacity without having to pick up the phone and call someone. This is great for seasonal companies or companies that may have unpredictable phone traffic.
Sixth, Phonepipe can provide e911, Caller Id, Local DID’s, all over our trunks just like your existing service provides.
Seventh, PhonePipe SIP trunks can be shared across multiple locations in different markets to provide maximum efficiency. Example: A company has 6 lines in Dallas, Texas, 9 Lines in Seattle, Washington, 10 Lines in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and 5 lines in Denver Colorado for a total of 30 Lines. As anyone knows not all of those lines are used at the same time. Let’s say at any one of those 30 lines a maximum of 15 of those lines are being used. This means you are paying for 15 lines that you really don’t need but because each individual location may have different calling patterns you need them just in case. Now with PhonePipe SIP Trunking you would purchase just 15 trunks, We would provide you with local phone numbers for each of those locations, or Port over your existing ones.
You are now saving in three way:
1. SIP trunks are usually a lot less than traditional lines.
2. You have been able to reduce your line count by 15 lines.
3. All Long distance calls between locations are now free because the ride over the PhonePipe network. What if you need 16 lines? With our Burstable On-Demand trunks you are covered.

PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!