Tired of multiple phone numbers? Office, Home, Cell, Second Office? PhonePipe's unified messaging gives each individual user the ability to have one number reach them where ever they are. Better yet, you control who reaches you and when.

PhonePipe gives you the power and flexibility of Unified Messaging included free with every extension. Visual VM gives you VM sent to your email as a .wav file. Use a Smart phone? Retrieve your office VM’s on your smart phone. Set up your extension to ring your desk phone and then find you at up to 4 additional locations. Consolidate all your various phone’s various VM’s into one single VM Box. Receive all your faxes directly to your email as a .pdf file.


PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!