Hosted PBX
With PhonePipe Hosted PBX there is no need to purchase a costly PBX system, or pay expensive upgrades to get your PBX current with the latest technologies. All you need is VOIP handset and PhonePipe does the rest. Full PBX features such as Auto-Attendant, Call Hold, Music on Hold, Transfer, Blind Transfer, Extension dialing, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Ring Groups and much more. .

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Enterprise Pricing model
Most Hosted Providers charge on a per seat basis which works for companies up to about 20 seats. For companies that have more extensions the per-seat model doesn’t make cost effective since. PhonePipe is revolutionizing the Hosted PBX business by using a concurrent call model and allowing you to oversubscribe extensions (seats).

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SIP Trunking
Many of the PBX providers today have or are developing their PBX’s to take SIP trunks directly into the PBX. This means no more legacy Analog lines or T1’s. SIP Trunks are more efficient, can scale, and are less costly.
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Integrated Service
PhonePipe can provide and Interim service for companies that have legacy PBX systems that are not VOIP capable. With our Integrated service we can hand off either Analog, T1, or PRI to most phone systems.
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Long Distance
Companies that have large long distance bills can benefit from VOIP Long Distance. PhonePipe can provide 1+ as well as Toll-Free at very aggressive rates. If your company spends a lot on Long Distance, request a quote for Long Distance services. We can hand off long distance via SIP Trunking, Analog, T1, or PRI.
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Market Expansion DID’s
PhonePipe can provide Local Phone numbers from over 98% of the US and over 30 countries. We can provide one company, and one bill for all of your voice communications.
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Internet Connectivity
PhonePipe through one of its sister companies has wholesale arrangements with over 40 carriers and can provide Internet connectivity in nearly all of the US. We can provide DSL, T1, Ethernet, Ethernet over Copper. We have speeds from 1.5mbps to 5Gps. We can provide all your locations Internet and Voice on one combined bill.
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Virtual Office
Many companies today are mobile but still need call routing to manage their calls and give there company a professional image. Virtual office is great for small businesses, realtors, Mortgage brokers or any company on the go. Features such as Auto Attendant, Find me, Voicemail to Email, call forwarding all come standard with the service.
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Flat Rate Conferencing: Use PhonePipe’s Flat Rate conferencing to save big over traditional conferencing services. Conference Attendees dial a local PhonePipe phone number and enter a passcode to join the conference. You can have as few as 2 participants up to 100’s. PhonePipe’s Flat Rate conferencing has a fixed monthly fee so you can have as many conference calls in a month as you want for as long as you want for a low flat rate.
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Long Distance
PhonePipe has various options for your Long Distance Calling needs depending on your business requirements. On-Net Calling is free no matter where in the world you are calling as long as the other party you are calling is on PhonePipe's service. For calling Off-Net long distance calling you can purchase your minutes ala carte or buy package minutes starting as low as 2 cents per minute. For large enterprise customers with large call volumes customizable rates are available.

PhonePipe Long Distance features:


PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!