SIP Trunks – What are SIP Trunks? SIP Trunks are a replacement for traditional trunk lines delivered over a T1 or PRI. SIP Trunks are can be delivered to any SIP compatible IP-PBX over your broadband connection. SIP trunks have many advantages...


Is your PBX or phone system outdated? Replace your PBX with PhonePipe’s Hosted PBX solution. Never worry about having to replace your phone system again. Never worry about having a system that has outdated features.


Tired of multiple phone numbers? Office, Home, Cell, Second Office? PhonePipe's unified messaging gives each individual user the ability to have one number reach them where ever they are. Better yet, you control who reaches you and when.


Can your PBX allow you to transfer calls between locations as easily as transferring a call across the hall? PhonePipe allows 2,3,4 digit extension dialing between any location as simple as dialing the next the office...



Integrating your Voice & Data from PhonePipe is easy and cost effective. By combining your Voice and Data services you can not only save money but create efficiencies within your company as well.

About Us
PhonePipe was founded in 2003 and was one of the first companies to offer Hosted VOIP services in the US. In 2006 an offer from VoicePipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICG Communications, a competitor, was made to purchase PhonePipe.

Over the next four years the principles of PhonePipe consulted in the VOIP industry and watched as the technology improved. In the period of 2006 - 2010 many of the technological obstacles that kept companies from adopting VOIP early on have been overcome providing a better quality experience as well as a more cost effective option for medium to large businesses. In addition many of the carrier networks.

How many concurrent calls do you need?
   above 100 call for pricing
How Many Handsets do you need?
Do you want an Auto-Attendant?
yes no
How much long distance do you need?
  Above 10,000 call for pricing